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Affiliate Marketing Program

​How to become an affiliate with Love Queenz, and start earning commission? 

By simply signing up for FREE, (clicking join us) you will automatically be issued with a discount code to promote our products, and you will also receive your link to add at the end of OR any product URL you wish to promote. Which means every time someone clicks onto your link and purchases a product, the sales add up for you to earn commission.


The sales for the month start at $125 which means once you hit $125 in sales (which could be just 1 product) you will then earn 8% for yourself. You will get the 8% on every dollar once you hit the $125 threshold (8% of $125 is $10... 8% of $1000 is $80) so the more your sales add up in the month, the more you earn.

​How can you promote our products and earn commission?

You can post on social media, posts, stories, blogs, groups, friends, emails etc, or a website that you may own, or someone else's who will allow you to add it to their site. You choose whichever product of ours you want to promote, simply put your unique link at the end of the URL for that product, so when they purchase it, the sales tracking goes to your account.

The customer receives 10% off of the product and you receive 8% of everything sold, it's a win win.

It is much easier to promote Love Queenz if you  already have a particular product, or buy our products so you know and understand how good they are. 

This way you can advise people of how it works and why they should buy the product(s).

​All the information is in the link below and join us now button, where you can learn more. Once you sign up you will be offered a discount code

which you can send to your followers, so they get a discount from you to purchase the product(s) and you also earn commission from the sales. You can choose to be paid via paypal, your bank or even store discount.

Affiliate Information click link​  Learn More 



Want To Work With Love Queenz? We are looking for ladies who would like to be a part of our team doing Adult Toy Parties

Are You Friendly? Do You Love Talking And Having Fun?

You will be able to manage your own bookings, and work with flexibility around this. This is a commission based role where by the more you

sell the more you earn. 


There is no pressure and no targets, so you can work at your own pace. You will need to obtain a starter kit to present the products at the parties, and you will get your % based on the amount of sales which have been achieved.

You will also be able to get products for yourself at a highly discounted rate.

Please put your details in below - so we can chat further :)












Questions and our contact information

If you want to contact us email on, or message on live chat. We look forward to partnering

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